Angel Card – Healing

My Angel Card this week was healing.  Setting aside the broken bones, unexpected and expected surgeries, chronic illnesses and trauma in general, I want to mull over healing of the soul or spirit.  You can pick the word that resonates with you.

How do we heal our spirit?  We don’t need surgery, pills (unless a mental illness and that is a whole other story) or bandages.  I can feel when I am out of sorts or off balance and it has nothing to do with being unwell.  Past hurts have a way of accumulating over time. We think we have dealt with them but something or someone says something and a flare up occurs.  All those past hurts come rushing in and we know we have so not dealt with them.  We often feel as raw as we did when it happened.

So how do we heal from past and current hurts?  How do we get past it and heal our spirits?  Some individuals deal with conflict better than others.  They confront the problem head on at the time and they work through it.  The other half does not do confrontation well (I fall into this half).  So we hide our hurt, withdrawal or get angry.  At times we think we have dealt with it but usually it is just mulling below the surface and often a similar event can set it off.  This brings back the hurt and at time we can see it as “yeah, I was right I am……”  Hurts are especially hard if attached to self-worth.

I think healing of spirit has to start with you/me.  We have to recognize we are not perfect.  If we can gather our strength we could talk to the person we feel hurt us or if that person is not around consider writing them a letter (shred letter when done if you feel too raw about it).   Look at what was said or not said that made you feel this way.  Than think back to see if you have hurt someone in a similar way.  You might realize you didn’t mean to hurt someone, so maybe it was the same when directed at you.  Where things blown out of proportion?  If not and the hurt was intentional do we really want to continue to give them the power to keep hurting us again and again as we relive the experience.

We are on a journey to create the life.  To do so we have to purge and this means past hurts, toxic relationships and clothes that are not us anymore.  I know for me this is a lifelong journey and I will take two steps forward and one back at times.  I want to feel healthy in all areas of my life so I have to work on ALL areas.  This means letting go and/or working through issues.

Finding new ways to deal with triggers that bring up past hurts.  Recognizing them faster and having a mantra to keep me balanced and on the right path.  Yes I will feel hurt at time but I want to heal faster, so I have to put in place mechanisms not to dwell on past hurts and open those wounds.  For me it will be acknowledging the hurt but trying not to let myself go down that dark tunnel.  Telling myself I am more than this.  That this is just a moment in time and I have so many more moments to concentrate on and live.

We can do this.  If you have any copying mechanisms or healing processes please share.  I think we would all love to hear about them.

You can always start now!


8 thoughts on “Angel Card – Healing

  1. Great post, thanks. My methods are to write a lot either non-fiction or fiction. I keep a diary which helps me to reflect on the day before I go to sleep. I read a lot too because I’ve always found escaping into books useful and also the short stories and novels I write. Recently, I’ve found listening to natural sounds like rain falling and waterfalls really nice, though they often make me sleepy! Nature is a good healer and walking though my local woods and countryside helps me too. If everything fails, I talk to either my mum, best friend and dog, using them just to voice things without needing their advice can be useful in reflecting and moving on.


    1. Reading for me is also an escape plus I think healing as it takes me away for a bit to regroup. Yes to nature being a good healer also. I live in the city but if I can drag my body outside for a walk I know I will be okay! I am enjoying your blog/short stories. I did a link to your blog in my August Favourites. Thanks for commenting and putting yourself out there!


  2. Absolutely agree with you. Though it is very hard to accept our failures and imperfections, without doing that life just doesn’t have the joy we’re promised. It’s both up and down that makes life exciting and rewarding.


    1. I’ve had them for years. They are just small cards – like shown with angel and word on them. No instructions just thinking about the word. It was neat to pull a card a week and write about what that word meant to me. I wonder after two years if any words would have a different take.

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