Weekly journaling – week 26

June 25  The most important meal of the day (in my opinion).  If I had more time at home it would be breakfast. If I am out and about it is supper with friends at a new or favorite restaurant. June 26  Dear Stranger, thank you for being aware of your surrounding and giving your … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 26

Weekly journaling – week 25

June 18  What I’m obsessed with right now. I'm back to walking to and from work so I'm obsessed with some warmer weather. We have had some unseasonable cooler days and evening. June 19   Good things bottled up.  Being told I should do a podcast on my rants. June 20   A beautiful moment I didn’t … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 25

Weekly journaling – week 21

May 21  My most common facial expressions.  Neutral (at work - just listen face)  Skeptical (seriously do you really know where this is going?) Sorry, I'm not one that has a smile on my face naturally all the time. I'm happy but a smile is not my resting face. May 22   Something that makes my … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 21

Weekly journaling – week 20

May 14  Portrait of a beloved pet.  Since allergic to animals and the one cat we had growing up was my sister's. Neither at the time were my best friends. I am going with Cody. He was the cat visiting me for four months that I adored. See pictures on Instagram. May 15   A sport … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 20

Weekly journaling – week 18

  April 30   Give yourself some flowers (just because) it is the end of the month and celebrating that the weather might have finally changed to warmer days. May 1   My favorite time of the year is the fall. It is perfect walking weather. Less humidity than the summer. I love the colors - red, … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 18

Weekly journaling prompt – week 16

April 16   Three things I'm thankful for today. We had rain and not snow during the night I remembered to email and wish a friend happy birthday (we used to work together and I miss her) Watched a movie with E.  Captain America Winter Soldier ?? I think the title April 17   Today's act of … Continue reading Weekly journaling prompt – week 16

Weekly journaling prompt – week 13

March 26   The words that always cheer me up.  Friend said recently "I have free tickets to the symphony want to come?".  Invites or making plans with friends always cheer me up. Doing the research, attending the event, seeing something different or for the first time. All these things make me happy. March 27   My … Continue reading Weekly journaling prompt – week 13

Can you share to soon?

This blog for me is about putting myself out there. I think it is part blogging and part journaling.  I am someone who keeps things close to my chest in pretty well all areas in my life.  I have to weigh the pros and cons, desired outcomes and what ifs numerous times in various scenarios. … Continue reading Can you share to soon?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Cramp

  Writing prompt from Linda G Hill.  Just take the prompt and go for it. Stream of Consciousness - no editing, over thinking, just write!  The prompt for this week is......cramp. Cramp, pain, spasm. They all apply as I try to take deep breaths after running for my life. Hands on knees, head below heart, just … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Cramp

52 weeks in 52 words

It is that time of the week for Sacha Black writespiration.  Where Sacha gives a writing prompt and we have 52 words to write our take on it.  Check out Sacha for all the details and other great writing stuff. This week is writing from the perspective of an animal.  Hmm..... Could she get any lazier? … Continue reading 52 weeks in 52 words