Weekly journaling – week 44

October 29  Anything interesting I can see out the window.  I was off today so out my bedroom window  I can see trees. Their leaves are mostly yellow now and the majority are on the ground.  My desk is in a corner so I just have to barely turn my head left to see out … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 44

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bone

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around another work week over! Plus the last weekend in October! How did this happen? Time for Linda Hill Stream of Consciousness Saturday!   Linda gives us a writing prompt and we just go for it. Hence stream of consciousness.  Check her out for more details and … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Bone

Weekly journaling – week 41

October 8   A cute message on my phone. Picture and write-up of tweet that says "what do you think of this scenario? Do unmarried adults (without kids) get short-changed in the gift department?" Me:  honestly we could write this @#&*. Reason why this is funny as years ago we talked about this scenario.  If you … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 41

Weekly journaling – week 40

October 1   It's a good day when the sky is blue and I can feel the warmth of the sun. October 2   The tiny details I can see right now: Happy face post-it notes Pink highlighter That my glasses need cleaning Enjoying the quiet as no one in the office but me October 3   What’s … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 40

Weekly journaling – week 39

Sept 24  Finding balance in my life:  Move my body this would be walking or yoga.  Relax my body is reading and also walking. Sept 25   Good feelings bottled up (someone telling me) that they value my honesty in our friendship. FYI if you are my friend don't ask me something unless you honestly want … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 39

Weekly journaling – week 37

Sept 10  A very positive review of today.  Weather has been nice. Everyone is back from summer vacations. So September rolls in and I feel like I have been shot out of a cannon (every year!). Today first of meetings and it was short. No joke. Short and sweet. Happy day. Sept 11  A special … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 37

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Post

That time of the week for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Head over to check out all the details plus other writing prompts Linda gives. Fast summary. Take prompt and write. Period. Does anyone remember what it is like to post a letter? To take paper and pen and write out what you have been up to … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Post

Weekly journaling – week 36

Sept 3  Lessons learned so far this year. Picking my battles I could be a cat person Asking for what I need Sept 4  Things that fascinate me and I want to know more about.  Anyone out there that can help - please do!! I want to find and learn to make a signature cocktail … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 36

Weekly journaling – week 35

  Aug 27    My favorite home-cooked dinner. If I am tired it is an egg/cheese on an English muffin. Aug 28    My all-time favorite fictional character. This is a hard one and I have left this question trying to think of  my favorite.  For today, at least, I'm going with Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 35

Weekly journaling – week 34

Aug 20  Where I can go when I need a smile. I either try to get outside for a walk or curl up with a good book.  I might not get a smile per say but I decompress. Aug 21   If my life were a romantic comedy:  Me not getting enough alone time and finally … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 34