My word for 2021

I struggled with this. I didn't come up with a word that resonated with me until 2021! On January 1st I took things into my own hands. I grabbed my SHE Deck (has lots of words and motivation on the cards). I closed my eyes and tossed the deck into the air and onto the … Continue reading My word for 2021

Finally my word for 2020

I knew I wanted a word for 2020.  Something to commit to. To give me that little extra push when I start doubting myself. I ran through different words for the past week but nothing seemed to stick.  Nothing got me excited. A few years ago when I decided to use courage as my word … Continue reading Finally my word for 2020

A word for 2020 and getting there

THE WORD....... A few years ago I had the word "courage" for my word of the year.  It felt right and throughout the year when I was starting a project the word would pop into my head, giving me that extra push to just do it.  Courage to finish. Courage to try. The word didn't … Continue reading A word for 2020 and getting there