Change of seasons – embrace it

I'm still in my winter mode  - snow on the ground, winter boots, cords and sweaters out.  I enjoy the change of seasons and with each one have different interests and of course projects.   Winter for me has always been about nesting.  I pull my cross stitch out that I haven't worked on all summer and … Continue reading Change of seasons – embrace it

Winter Tag – your it !

Just before the Christmas holidays I was visiting the Sarcastic Bohemian. She had a winter-holiday tag post. It was a list of questions she answered about her holidays traditions and well winter! She found the tag over at Simply Lovely 90.  Check them both out! I liked the idea, but Christmas was almost on top of me … Continue reading Winter Tag – your it !

Winter Blog Party – Guest Post

This party is being hosted by my friend and fellow blogger Wanda over at A Wandafulthing.  We participated in a blog party over at Suzie Speaks and it was great, so Wanda decided to host her own blog party. So please head over to A Wandafulthing for the party on Sunday, November 27th.  Over there you will find … Continue reading Winter Blog Party – Guest Post