Is the universe pushing your buttons? Deal with it.

Here is a question for you. Do you think the universe puts obstacles in your path for you to work on? The obstacles can range from new technology to individuals. Has someone shown up in your life that is pushing your buttons? Maybe trying your patience, boundaries, or different opinions.  If we are finding our … Continue reading Is the universe pushing your buttons? Deal with it.

10 Life Lessons

I want to share some life lessons.  Some lessons I have a handle on and others I am still working on.  I have "learnt" them from a variety of sources. Here it goes: Don't make assumptions - we don't know what other people are dealing with.  All of us bring baggage to the table. Listen … Continue reading 10 Life Lessons

Angel Card – Communication

  This week I have picked the Angel Card communication.   When I think of communication my first thought is Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.   He writes that we should “listen to understand”.  That has always resonated with me in that so many people don’t listen.  They are waiting for their opening, giving … Continue reading Angel Card – Communication

Angel Card – Understanding

The Angel Card of the week is understanding.  I think to truly understand we have to actively listen, put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and allow our boundaries to be pushed.  To actively listen we cannot be composing what we are going to say in response in our heads while the other individual is still … Continue reading Angel Card – Understanding

Angel Card – Clarity

This week's Angel Card was clarity.  You know when you get too wrapped up in your own world and everything is filtered through your lens?  Well, at that point, clarity could be a bit of an issue. We all bring our experiences, opinions and views of the world to the table.  It is what makes … Continue reading Angel Card – Clarity