Summer tag – bare feet anyone?

Gemma over at  Wheelescapades I were thinking about posts to do and thought “why not a summer tag?”  Just a fun post to let people get to know a bit more about me. I’m starting off by stating I’m Canadian and still live in Canada so summer is not long.  We try to squeeze a … Continue reading Summer tag – bare feet anyone?

Instagram summer ! !

I was thinking of a summer post or tag. What do to..... I put it out there to a friend and she had a brilliant idea.  Thank you Wanda (over at A Wandafulthing).  Why not capture on Instagram (or a post) what is synonymous of summer for us. We can take pictures of what summer means to … Continue reading Instagram summer ! !

10 things to do to create a memorable summer

If you live somewhere summer is a short season you always want to make the most of it.  When the days finally start to warm up (June!!) you want to feel by September that you accomplished something or at least have summer memories.  If you are not taking a summer vacation and travelling or to … Continue reading 10 things to do to create a memorable summer

Summer spaces – enjoy what you have

It is officially summer. It felt like a long time coming to the east coast but the calendar says the season has started.  With warm thoughts in mind I am looking around my place to brighten and lighten up.  I have a small balcony (12 x 4 feet) which faces south-west so lots of light.  … Continue reading Summer spaces – enjoy what you have