What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

I always enjoy what caught my eye in the past month. Hope something catches your eye or you just enjoy the eye candy. Apartment Therapy  has this house bursting with color. More eye candy for me! Within the past year I am getting back into pink. Especially for decor/accents. I'm looking at redoing my balcony … Continue reading What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

Ideas for a less stressful holiday season

This is an older post from last year that is relevant.  I have added a few new ideas.  Laptop or paper and pen, coffee (or something stronger) and time.  Okay, I'm thinking the time one might be hard to achieve with the busiest time of year soon upon us.  So I think we should strategy … Continue reading Ideas for a less stressful holiday season

10 things I know for sure……

I was purging and sorting last weekend and found a book a friend loaned me in a basket under papers. I know it was originally on the coffee table, went into the basket when I needed space on the table and then had papers tossed on top of it. Forgotten. It is Oprah's What I … Continue reading 10 things I know for sure……

Angel Card – Patience

The card of the week is patience.  We all have it and most of the time I imagine it is something we take for granted.  Some people seem to have an infinite amount of patience. They can wait in long line-ups, deal with difficult people, computer issues and pretty well anything else thrown at them. … Continue reading Angel Card – Patience

Freeze Frame Meditation

I am lucky enough to work at an organization that promotes work and home life balance. They bring in experts on topics such as time management, conflict and respectful workplace. I recently attended a session on Relaxation Techniques. He started the session talking about stress and how we can deal with it. Don’t deny it … Continue reading Freeze Frame Meditation