A year of challenges – detox

If you are just visiting for the first time here is a fast recap. I decided to challenge myself in 2019.  To shake things up a bit.  So each month I'm doing a different challenge (no spending and snail mail are two I have already completed). Last month it was snail mail. To mail a … Continue reading A year of challenges – detox

A year of challenges – snail mail

I want to report on last month's challenge of spending less.  January and February were overall good months for me spending wise.  I kept track of every dollar spent.  January was the better (cheaper) month but only because I bought less groceries. I did have one slip up in February when I went to IKEA.  … Continue reading A year of challenges – snail mail

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Post

That time of the week for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Head over to check out all the details plus other writing prompts Linda gives. Fast summary. Take prompt and write. Period. Does anyone remember what it is like to post a letter? To take paper and pen and write out what you have been up to … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Post

A Different Kind of Monthly Challenge – Snail Mail !!

Fast recap - starting in January I decided I would challenge myself monthly. Nothing major just challenges that would get me moving and hopefully a bit more focused. I have challenged myself to listen to different podcasts, keep a gratitude journal and do a Sharpie craft.  Last month my challenge was to practice loving kindness meditation.  I have been … Continue reading A Different Kind of Monthly Challenge – Snail Mail !!

Step out of your comfort zone

It is dark and raining out.  I mind the dark short days at this time of year more than I mind the cold.  As long as I have blue sky, regardless of the temperature, I feel I can deal with a change of seasons. I am attending my first Snail Mail function at a coffee … Continue reading Step out of your comfort zone

Handwritten letters Update!

Wanted to give an update on a previous post titled handwritten letters as synchronicity has taken place!  Fast rehash saw a play Trudeau about a relationship that developed through letters between two very diverse individuals.   I walked out of the play thinking handwritten correspondence is a dying art and set myself a goal of writing … Continue reading Handwritten letters Update!