Change of seasons – embrace it

I'm still in my winter mode  - snow on the ground, winter boots, cords and sweaters out.  I enjoy the change of seasons and with each one have different interests and of course projects.   Winter for me has always been about nesting.  I pull my cross stitch out that I haven't worked on all summer and … Continue reading Change of seasons – embrace it

A change of seasons

I recently read about accepting the change of seasons as a gift. That each one has something to offer. Plus fighting with them is wasted energy as they are rolling in regardless. After reading about the changing seasons and not fighting them, I thought of the seasons in our lives.  That there are often times … Continue reading A change of seasons

Change of seasons and energy level

Is it just me that a change of seasons seems to affect my energy level?  Come September (Autumn) I am more energized to start projects, take courses, purge and move furniture!  Maybe it is because I have always thought of September as the start of the year, with school starting and people back into routines … Continue reading Change of seasons and energy level