My purpose – oh I had it already!!

Your purpose is tossed around a lot.  Finding it. Living it. What is it?  Recently I was having a conversation around purpose.  I think it often comes up during transitions in life.  Maybe parenting, retirement or just changing directions. That next or new chapter in life. The conversation around purpose got me thinking of mine.  … Continue reading My purpose – oh I had it already!!

Creating your Vision Board – why you should

I am too excited to have Wanda from A Wandafulthing guest post on my blog!  She is the reason I have one!  Thank you! xo Have you ever taken a course or a class where you were a true novice? You get all excited because you are there to learn something totally new and you naively … Continue reading Creating your Vision Board – why you should

Angel Cards – Purpose

My weekly challenge of pulling and reflecting on an Angel card brought me to purpose this week.  It is a word I imagine means a variety of things to different people.  Finding your purpose, doing your purpose, rethinking and changing your purpose.  Plus I feel your purpose can change throughout your lifetime. Reflecting on the … Continue reading Angel Cards – Purpose