Weekly journaling – week 52

I can't believe I am on the last week of my year-long creative calendar.  Some prompts were easy, some made me think and question and others were just plan hard. A few I was unsure whether or not I even wanted to share. Hope you enjoyed the year of prompts. I knew as soon as … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 52

Weekly journaling – week 43

October 22   Wish upon a star. That time would slow down. October 23   What I am most pedantic about.  Young people on transit sitting in seats reserved for seniors or people with a disability and NOT moving when these individuals get on the bus. October 24   Good feelings bottled up.  Being able to come home … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 43

Weekly journaling – week 21

May 21  My most common facial expressions.  Neutral (at work - just listen face)  Skeptical (seriously do you really know where this is going?) Sorry, I'm not one that has a smile on my face naturally all the time. I'm happy but a smile is not my resting face. May 22   Something that makes my … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 21

Weekly journaling – week 20

May 14  Portrait of a beloved pet.  Since allergic to animals and the one cat we had growing up was my sister's. Neither at the time were my best friends. I am going with Cody. He was the cat visiting me for four months that I adored. See pictures on Instagram. May 15   A sport … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 20

Weekly journaling via prompts – week two

Fast update in case you are stopping by for the first time.  A co-worker received the above calendar for Christmas. I love it - can't find it - so doing the prompts with her.  I decided to share them on a weekly basis.  I am behind so you get two weeks this week as a … Continue reading Weekly journaling via prompts – week two