What energizes you? Tapping into it.

What do you do to get energized? Is it a social event? An activity? Completing a project? I think we can get energized various ways. The thing is to know when and how to tap into it. For me it is having projects and deadlines in place.  Even if it is the due date on … Continue reading What energizes you? Tapping into it.

Life Lessons – baby steps

I had an idea for a few posts and realized I could categorize them into a series - hence Life Lessons was created.  Check out more life lessons on the menu. I'm often telling friends to break down projects into baby steps. One friend is too tired to do housework during the week and ends … Continue reading Life Lessons – baby steps

Angel Card – Light

I am getting to the end of my weekly Angel Cards.  For approximately 28 weeks I have been drawing an Angel Card weekly and writing what that word means to me.  I have been trying not to over think the word but go with my gut reaction to it.  This week the Angel Card is … Continue reading Angel Card – Light

Embracing Fall – start your Fall bucket list!

When September rolls around I feel re-energized.  After a hot and humid (especially this year) summer the weather starts to cool, walking is at its best and everything is ramping back up.  All the Fall brochures arrive and I pour over classes ranging from yoga, dance, painting to seminars.   I head to the library … Continue reading Embracing Fall – start your Fall bucket list!