Christmas Wish List

I thought I'd do a different Christmas Wish List.  These are the items on my list that I would love for Christmas and beyond. To walk into the new year with these items in hand for all of us. Patience - with myself and others.  To take a breath and realize everyone has strengths and … Continue reading Christmas Wish List

Angel Card – Peace

Peace - my Angel Card for the week.   My first thought was calmness.   You know when you have that sense that things are okay and you are in a good place.   I also feel to be at peace means I am okay with what is happening around me.  If I am living more mindfully then … Continue reading Angel Card – Peace

Angel Card – Forgiveness

This week I pulled out the Angel Card - forgiveness.   My first thought was forgiveness should have been the first card I pulled out.  My reasoning behind this is, if we can't forgive then there is a chance that no further growth will take place. If we have no forgiveness for our mistakes, slights … Continue reading Angel Card – Forgiveness

Stop, breathe, color – finding peace through pencils

Most of us seem to be rushing from one activity to another.  If not rushing, we are checking our email, pinning, posting or texting.  If you watch TV, I bet, you are sharing on Facebook during the commercials.  All this is constant stimulus coming at you.  Often you are reacting to what you are seeing … Continue reading Stop, breathe, color – finding peace through pencils

Quotes that lead to peace

I always have a journal going - not so much for daily entries but for notes on books I have read and quotes I want to keep.   I thought I'd share with a few quotes I have collected over the years from books, cards and friends.  Hope some of them speak to you. "Everyone has the power … Continue reading Quotes that lead to peace