A project for meditation

I always have a few projects on the go.  For some reason I wanted something else to do while on Christmas vacation.  I had 12 days off total.  Lots of time to get stuff done already on my plate, but nope I wanted another project. I set my sights on paint-by-numbers.  Don't ask me why … Continue reading A project for meditation

Stop, breathe, color – finding peace through pencils

Most of us seem to be rushing from one activity to another.  If not rushing, we are checking our email, pinning, posting or texting.  If you watch TV, I bet, you are sharing on Facebook during the commercials.  All this is constant stimulus coming at you.  Often you are reacting to what you are seeing … Continue reading Stop, breathe, color – finding peace through pencils

Angel Card – Patience

The card of the week is patience.  We all have it and most of the time I imagine it is something we take for granted.  Some people seem to have an infinite amount of patience. They can wait in long line-ups, deal with difficult people, computer issues and pretty well anything else thrown at them. … Continue reading Angel Card – Patience