100 Years from now you could be someone inspiration

Lately I've been trying to get my creative juices following so crafting, reading and internet searching.   I came across an idea that appealed to me both as a blogger and a writer.  What if we came across a letter from our great grandmother, grandfather or anyone.   Wouldn't you be interested in what their typical day was  … Continue reading 100 Years from now you could be someone inspiration

Handwritten letters Update!

Wanted to give an update on a previous post titled handwritten letters as synchronicity has taken place!  Fast rehash saw a play Trudeau about a relationship that developed through letters between two very diverse individuals.   I walked out of the play thinking handwritten correspondence is a dying art and set myself a goal of writing … Continue reading Handwritten letters Update!

Handwritten letter anyone?

I recently saw Brooke Johnson's Trudeau Stories at the theater. It is about a young theater student (Brooke in 1985) meeting a retired prime minister and their relationship developing over the years. Brooke does a one woman show.. It gave me another view of a public figure from the mostly unlikely pair of eyes. One … Continue reading Handwritten letter anyone?