Life Lessons – memories/keepsakes

If you are just stopping by for the first time, life lessons is my take on lessons.  Some I have mastered, the majority are a work in progress. Life lesson of over keepsakes. For me this is a bit of a work in progress.  My mother passed away longer than I care to admit … Continue reading Life Lessons – memories/keepsakes

Inspiration Board – memories to keep

I thought I'd share my idea of a mood/inspiration board or for me it is capturing life events mine or friends.  My board has accumulated layers of pictures, brochures, quotes and more over the years.  I pick up postcards when travelling or at art shows, a few are ones friends' sent and cards I receive. … Continue reading Inspiration Board – memories to keep

Where to put those keepsakes and memories – smash book

I was thinking how to start the new year and thought "smash book".    In the spring I made a smash book for myself and a friend who was having a significant birthday.   I have checked the web and lots of pictures and information on smash books there, but basically they are a journal, scrapbook or whatever … Continue reading Where to put those keepsakes and memories – smash book