Bring me happiness – realistic?

I find ideas for a blog posts in the neatest places.  This one comes from a conversation with a friend at the library. We discussed being happy and how to get there.  A lot of people are saying  do things that bring you joy.  It makes sense. Right?  My friend's take (apologies now if I … Continue reading Bring me happiness – realistic?

Angel Card – Joy

I am into the eight month of my weekly draw of Angel Cards.  It is getting pretty empty in my pretty flowered pot.  This week my Angel Card was joy.  There is a lot being written about joy and that makes sense.  As who doesn't want joy in their lives?  Bringing joy into your life … Continue reading Angel Card – Joy

Final outcome – is that what we should be aiming for?

I listened to a Jen Carrington "Make it Happen" podcast and she said "don't hold so tightly to the outcome".  This was referring to being creative and putting yourself out there.  Something I have to work on constantly.  It resonated with me that if we wait for perfection in our work or even to try something different, … Continue reading Final outcome – is that what we should be aiming for?

Angel Card – Delight

Drum roll please……this week I pulled out the Angel Card Delight!  My first thought was of a toddler and playing peek-a-boo.  How they laugh and squeal everything time you “pop” open.   They never seem to get tired of it.  The delight children find in everything – finding a pretty rock, a branch and watching the … Continue reading Angel Card – Delight

Angel Card – Enthusiasm

The Angel Card I drew this week was enthusiasm.  I have to say I am not the  most enthusiastic person in any room.  I think I have a sense of humor but I am not a laugh out loud person.  So if I was enthusiastic you might realize it.  I am an introvert by nature … Continue reading Angel Card – Enthusiasm