Weekly journaling – week 45

  Nov 5  What I am saving up for is hopefully a trip with my sister. Nov 6  The sounds I can hear right now. White noise. The ventilation system working. Boring I know.  But I have to say it beats the drilling taking place upstairs for a renovation. Non 7  Things I never get … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 45

Weekly journaling – week 44

October 29  Anything interesting I can see out the window.  I was off today so out my bedroom window  I can see trees. Their leaves are mostly yellow now and the majority are on the ground.  My desk is in a corner so I just have to barely turn my head left to see out … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 44

Weekly journaling – week 42

October 15  The place I go to cheer myself up.  This would be the central library. It has great natural light as glass walls on two sides. October 16  The remedy for a stressful day: walking home after work curling up with a book for a few minutes before getting supper watching Netflix (hopefully I … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 42