Just by accident I have a post! Oh and a challenge

I am fortunate enough to have the central library and public gardens within walking distance of work.  It is easy to get to both and enjoy on my lunch hour.  A few weeks ago I treated myself to an ice coffee during McDonald's dollar drinks.   It was beautiful out so I headed up the street … Continue reading Just by accident I have a post! Oh and a challenge

2020 Instagram Challenge

A friend and I decided over pajamas, wine and appetizers to do a Christmas Instagram Challenge.  In December we posted a Christmas picture for 24 days.  My sister and a friend joined in.  It was great seeing pictures and such a diversity of them. So over the holidays we decided to do it again but … Continue reading 2020 Instagram Challenge

Instagram Challenge – Inspire

I thought I'd take a page out of #collectivepodcast and do an Instagram Challenge.   They did one September 23 to October 2nd and had us take pictures of what we considered cozy, comfort, together and courage to name a few. I enjoyed it as it had me looking around every day to capture that word.  … Continue reading Instagram Challenge – Inspire