Life lessons – asking for what you need

This is a hard life lesson for me - I think this one stems back to childhood and just not feeling worthy enough.  You know, if I'm not worthy than who an I to ask for anything or receive it for that matter.  Watch your words adults! The thing with not asking for what we … Continue reading Life lessons – asking for what you need

Expectations and Assumptions

I had a conversation with my sister recently over expectations. I was feeling disappointment and mad over what I give and what I receive over a recent situation.  Our conversation gave me perspective, suggestions and breathing space.  The background around this situation is when people need help I offer and give them clear expectations.  I ask when do … Continue reading Expectations and Assumptions

Asking for help? A strength?

I have been listening to Dear Sugars podcasts.   People write in with problems and they are discussed and opinions given through the Dear Sugars (man and woman). The problems range from parenthood, relationships, money to pushing boundaries and drawing back. One podcast discussed how hard it is for the majority of people to ask for … Continue reading Asking for help? A strength?