Feeding my soul – conversations with friends

I recently reconnected with a friend. She is a dynamic woman and I always feel energized when in her company. We connected when we lived next door to each other and in the halls started talking. Which lead to a glass of wine, conversation and friendship. She is, to me, a risk taker and has … Continue reading Feeding my soul – conversations with friends

Angel Card – Harmony

The Angel Card for the week is Harmony.  When I think of harmony music automatically comes to mind.  Different instruments and/or voices coming together to create something special.  You don't have to be musically inclined to know when something sounds off.  The wrong key was played or the voice not in the correct range.  We … Continue reading Angel Card – Harmony

Angel Card – Enthusiasm

The Angel Card I drew this week was enthusiasm.  I have to say I am not the  most enthusiastic person in any room.  I think I have a sense of humor but I am not a laugh out loud person.  So if I was enthusiastic you might realize it.  I am an introvert by nature … Continue reading Angel Card – Enthusiasm