My intention for the next four month is…..

I'm setting an intention for the next four months.  This post   will give you the background. of where I 'm coming from and how this came up.  Summary I'm more focused when I have a list, schedule and a deadline. I choose schedule as my intention (word) for the next four months.  I want … Continue reading My intention for the next four month is…..

Setting an intention

This past year I have done SHE Quest.  It is a membership program and a community for women to explore, move forward and be bold, whole and live on your own terms.  We set a word or intention for 2020.  My word was fierce.  We created an oracle card and image of our word (see … Continue reading Setting an intention

Angel Cards – Purpose

My weekly challenge of pulling and reflecting on an Angel card brought me to purpose this week.  It is a word I imagine means a variety of things to different people.  Finding your purpose, doing your purpose, rethinking and changing your purpose.  Plus I feel your purpose can change throughout your lifetime. Reflecting on the … Continue reading Angel Cards – Purpose