Subtle Art of Giving a ….. and spoons. Related??

I'm currently reading The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck.  The author talks about, well giving a F*ck, but in the sense that we all do and we all will.  It is about deciding what F*cks to give.  Basically life can be rough and we have to deal with it. Not deny what is … Continue reading Subtle Art of Giving a ….. and spoons. Related??

Feeding my soul – live performances

I was lucky enough to have two invites to live performances the same week. One was a friend's husband brass band and the other a play to mark an anniversary in our city. I went into them feeling tired as both were on a work night, but soon I was energized by the performances. There … Continue reading Feeding my soul – live performances

Change of seasons and energy level

Is it just me that a change of seasons seems to affect my energy level?  Come September (Autumn) I am more energized to start projects, take courses, purge and move furniture!  Maybe it is because I have always thought of September as the start of the year, with school starting and people back into routines … Continue reading Change of seasons and energy level

Angel Card – Surrender

If you are just stopping by for the first time, for about six months now I have been pulling an Angel Card out weekly and posting on what that word means to me.  Some words have flowed and others were a struggle.  This week the Angel Card is surrender. The Angel on the card is … Continue reading Angel Card – Surrender