Words – seriously they hurt. My rant!!

Not my regular blog post but I felt like I had to. I'm using "you" as it feels stronger and to me makes the point. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Remember that saying? I do when I was growing up.  The thing was I didn't grow up … Continue reading Words – seriously they hurt. My rant!!

There is life back there

This is a rant.  I’m wondering if anyone else is bothered by it or is it just me “making too much of something". I take public transit. For me that is the bus. On rainy days more people take the bus – they don’t want to get soaked walking say 15 - 20 minutes so … Continue reading There is life back there

Christmas Wish List

I thought I'd do a different Christmas Wish List.  These are the items on my list that I would love for Christmas and beyond. To walk into the new year with these items in hand for all of us. Patience - with myself and others.  To take a breath and realize everyone has strengths and … Continue reading Christmas Wish List