Weekly journaling – week 49

  Dec 3   The donut of my dreams (glaze and toppings). A Boston cream. I like the custard inside with the chocolate on the top. Dec 4  6 things I love about myself: My curiosity Being happy being alone That I can still run for the bus Low maintenance hair (or maybe I don't care.) … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 49

Weekly journaling – week 48

Nov 26   A new skill I learned this week.   How to….. I don't think I learned a new skill this week.  I was busy writing for NaNo as deadline to validate was Friday.  I was also in denial that December 1st was Saturday. Nov 27   A new holiday I would like to introduce is self-awareness … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 48

Weekly journaling – week 47

Nov 19   My special collection on.  Of course this would be books. I have two bookcases in my bedroom. Besides books I have one shelf of angels I have collected over the years. Nov 20   A little gift for myself. This would be to head to a coffee shop and sit and write. Oh and … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 47