Just doing it! Checking a box

2020  has been surreal. I had high hopes for the year. Then the world went to crap and wham we're in self isolation.  I continued working during the pandemic so that routine didn't change.  It was more staying at home once I walked through the door. I enjoy my time at home. Alone.  The biggest … Continue reading Just doing it! Checking a box

Chakra Society – Part Two

I posted stepping into the arena part 1 that I was starting a new creative journey. That lead me to thinking of a name for this journey.  Something catchy and hopefully that would resonate with people. I wanted it to be along the lines of creativity.  Creative Circle?  Making it? These and a few more names … Continue reading Chakra Society – Part Two

Stepping into the arena – Part 1

New year new decade.  My word for 2020 is fierce.  I'm determined to pull my word out when I am doubting myself.  My doubt often comes into play when I have an idea. You know, oh that has already been done. It is not ready, I can't pull that off.  I am sure you can … Continue reading Stepping into the arena – Part 1

Creative liberation – 5 minutes

A friend and fellow blogger (Natalie is finding balance) said we should do this! She did Estelle's SHE course and loved it. Estelle is also her yoga instructor.  Natalie knows if it is something new and creative I'm in.  So we both signed up for a 5 day creative liberation class Marks & Doodles. Check Estelle … Continue reading Creative liberation – 5 minutes

What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

I always enjoy what caught my eye in the past month. Hope something catches your eye or you just enjoy the eye candy. Apartment Therapy  has this house bursting with color. More eye candy for me! Within the past year I am getting back into pink. Especially for decor/accents. I'm looking at redoing my balcony … Continue reading What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

7 Day Creative Challenge

I found this challenge on Pinterest and decided to tackle it  Check out Chapter Friday for all the details on this 7 day creative challenge. Day 1 for me was easy.  It was walking.  Well, half the year I walk back and forth to work (just under 5 K) so already in my schedule.  I don't like … Continue reading 7 Day Creative Challenge

Sometime you have to say no

We are all busy and often want to be all things to all people. Family and friends need us and we want to be there for them. But at what point do we start scarifying our own time and needs for everyone else? This is especially true if creating feeds your soul. Carving out time … Continue reading Sometime you have to say no

Creating the life we need and want – are we optimizing yet?

I do feel life's a journey as we all know the final destination.  So, I'm thinking, if we break our journey up in decades or chapters what do we want our story for that time period to be? To begin with I think we have to prepare our bodies and minds for our journey.  Finding … Continue reading Creating the life we need and want – are we optimizing yet?

Creative journey and help along the way

I have been listening to Jenny Carrington podcasts season two.  I enjoy listening to creative people tell their story and share what works and doesn't work for them.   On Season two of Jen Carrington's Make it Happen Podcasts a few of her guests have been Jen and Danielle of She Percolates and Caroline Winegart of Made … Continue reading Creative journey and help along the way

Creating a creative network

Creating anything is often done in solitude. Yes we have cheerleaders, but I think we also need a creative network. Individuals in similar fields that know what we are going through and the hard work it takes to carry on. Friends pressing "like" is great but we need more than that to sometimes push us … Continue reading Creating a creative network