Weekly journaling – week 35

  Aug 27    My favorite home-cooked dinner. If I am tired it is an egg/cheese on an English muffin. Aug 28    My all-time favorite fictional character. This is a hard one and I have left this question trying to think of  my favorite.  For today, at least, I'm going with Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 35

Weekly journaling – week 34

Aug 20  Where I can go when I need a smile. I either try to get outside for a walk or curl up with a good book.  I might not get a smile per say but I decompress. Aug 21   If my life were a romantic comedy:  Me not getting enough alone time and finally … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 34

Weekly journaling – week 33

Aug 13  Who I’m cheering for this week! My friend Wanda who starts vacation this week and is heading home to visit family. Aug 14  My favorite coffee mug is a tall blue mug. It holds a good amount of coffee. I judge a mug by the handle and how comfortable it is to hold. … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 33

Weekly journaling – week 28

July 9  Three things I’m thankful for today It was a beautiful walk to work.  Not humid. Just right for walking. I have no plans after work. So once home I can crash and do whatever. My neighbour gave me a bag of clothes to go through to see if I wanted anything July 10  … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 28

Weekly journaling – week 24

June 11  These are a few of my favorite things: K is for keys. There was something about keys when I was little I found exciting. Maybe it was the possibilities of what they could open and what I would find! L is for black licorice candy. June 12   What is in my heart right … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 24

Weekly journaling prompts – week six

  February 5  Where I feel like I belong. New Years Eve I ended up at a friend's apartment (actress). The Christmas play finished up at the theatre across the street and performers came over to celebrate New Years. There was an energy and acceptance of everyone there that flooded the room. I felt accepted, … Continue reading Weekly journaling prompts – week six