Weekly journaling – week 38

Sept 17  The theme song I want for my life. I did it my way. Sept 18  How I relax. I usually relax with a book.  I have amazing light coming through my balcony door, so I curl up on the sofa and read. Sept 19 The random things I have fun talking about: travel … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 38

Weekly journaling – week 32

  Aug 6  The best things in life are free: books (I am a big library user) inspiring conversations with people who get me meditation walking Aug 7  My on-line happy place. This would be the Blogger Facebook groups I am in. They are so incredible supportive and I feel like I have found my … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 32

Weekly journaling – week 31

July 30   Proud of myself.  Taking a year off to travel, starting a blog and pushing boundaries in general. July 31  What my autobiography will be called "Have no regrets!" Aug 1   What I’d love to find on my doorstep tonight.  Chilled cocktails, a cheese plate and a variety of salads.  We are having a … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 31

Weekly journaling – week 30

July 23     A secret fantasy of mine. To be a spy like James Bond. July 24  Memories of the best birthday party I’ve ever had. We moved into a large apartment building when I started university. We were told they were cold and unfriendly. Within a few months we had a community within the building.  … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 30