Creative Leap – my walking map

A few months ago I decided to challenge myself to creative leaps. Nothing earth shattering. Just different ideas rolling around in my head.  I post the first Wednesday of the month my leap and post the results two weeks later. On July 1st I decided I wanted to do a map.  Check the post here.  First … Continue reading Creative Leap – my walking map

Creative Leap – Your Map

Grab a piece of paper and draw a map of some aspect of your everyday life.  Maybe it is your route to work.  Or your route to get ready in the morning.  What about a map of meal prep?  How many times to you open the fridge getting supper ready? Is your map a series … Continue reading Creative Leap – Your Map

Creative Leap – My Escape Capsule or well carry-on!

Two weeks ago I challenged myself to write what I would take if I had 12 hours to get out of the house and not come back.  Check this  link  to read the creative leap challenge. I have been travelling for a few years with a carry-on.  So clothes wise I’m pretty good at getting … Continue reading Creative Leap – My Escape Capsule or well carry-on!

Creative Leap #4 – Escape Capsule

If you have been following along you know I give a creative leap or challenge on the first Wednesday of the month.  I post my response two weeks later on Wednesday - for better or worst.  Head over to  here to read more background on why I started. This month's leap is:   you have less … Continue reading Creative Leap #4 – Escape Capsule

Creative Leap – view from home

My creative challenge this month was easy. Take a picture from somewhere I enjoy a beverage (of my choice!).  Second part  was to explain a few things in the picture.  This  post  explains  a bit more in detail my creative leaps This view is from the corner of my bedroom.  I am lucky to have … Continue reading Creative Leap – view from home

Chakra Society – Creative Leap #1

FIrst creative leap for the Charka Society.  If anything this will have me posting more and focused on being present looking for ideas.  If you are reading this post as a stand alone head over to stepping into the arena part 1.  That will explain a bit of where I am coming from and going. … Continue reading Chakra Society – Creative Leap #1