Creative leap 10 steps

Earlier this year  I decided to challenge myself to creative leaps the first Wednesday of the month. I'd report back in two weeks. Nothing major just something different. Creative leap 10 steps  was my challenge two weeks ago.  I asked a friend to pick a colour - it was yellow. I headed out the door … Continue reading Creative leap 10 steps

Creative Leap – my walking map

A few months ago I decided to challenge myself to creative leaps. Nothing earth shattering. Just different ideas rolling around in my head.  I post the first Wednesday of the month my leap and post the results two weeks later. On July 1st I decided I wanted to do a map.  Check the post here.  First … Continue reading Creative Leap – my walking map

Creative Leap – Your Map

Grab a piece of paper and draw a map of some aspect of your everyday life.  Maybe it is your route to work.  Or your route to get ready in the morning.  What about a map of meal prep?  How many times to you open the fridge getting supper ready? Is your map a series … Continue reading Creative Leap – Your Map

Creative Leap – My Escape Capsule or well carry-on!

Two weeks ago I challenged myself to write what I would take if I had 12 hours to get out of the house and not come back.  Check this  link  to read the creative leap challenge. I have been travelling for a few years with a carry-on.  So clothes wise I’m pretty good at getting … Continue reading Creative Leap – My Escape Capsule or well carry-on!

Creative Leap #4 – Escape Capsule

If you have been following along you know I give a creative leap or challenge on the first Wednesday of the month.  I post my response two weeks later on Wednesday - for better or worst.  Head over to  here to read more background on why I started. This month's leap is:   you have less … Continue reading Creative Leap #4 – Escape Capsule

Creative Leap – view from home

My creative challenge this month was easy. Take a picture from somewhere I enjoy a beverage (of my choice!).  Second part  was to explain a few things in the picture.  This  post  explains  a bit more in detail my creative leaps This view is from the corner of my bedroom.  I am lucky to have … Continue reading Creative Leap – view from home

Chakra Society – Creative Leap #1

FIrst creative leap for the Charka Society.  If anything this will have me posting more and focused on being present looking for ideas.  If you are reading this post as a stand alone head over to stepping into the arena part 1.  That will explain a bit of where I am coming from and going. … Continue reading Chakra Society – Creative Leap #1