Subtle Art of Giving a ….. and spoons. Related??

I'm currently reading The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck.  The author talks about, well giving a F*ck, but in the sense that we all do and we all will.  It is about deciding what F*cks to give.  Basically life can be rough and we have to deal with it. Not deny what is … Continue reading Subtle Art of Giving a ….. and spoons. Related??

A change of seasons

I recently read about accepting the change of seasons as a gift. That each one has something to offer. Plus fighting with them is wasted energy as they are rolling in regardless. After reading about the changing seasons and not fighting them, I thought of the seasons in our lives.  That there are often times … Continue reading A change of seasons

Are you a consequence person?

This is not something new to me just that I gave it a name. Recently I was talking to someone about living within your means.   The past year had been rough for them with illness and uncertainty so they decided to live life to its fullest. Now things are settling and income coming into the … Continue reading Are you a consequence person?