5 Why Technique – decision making

I listened to a Podcast by Personality Hackers with Sir John Hargrave and he mentioned using the 5 whys technique to solve problems or make decisions. I investigated and thought this is worth sharing. By repeating the question why (5 times) after every previous answer you should get to the root cause/defect of the problem. It is … Continue reading 5 Why Technique – decision making

Don’t be rigid and brittle

Changes (in life) are not only possible and predictable, but to deny them is to be an accomplice to one's own unnecessary vegetation.                                       by Gail Sheehy I am reading a daily meditation book and a few of … Continue reading Don’t be rigid and brittle

Angel Card – Transformation

My weekly Angel Card has led me to transformation.   I mean both the Angel Card and creating the life I want.  Some days it is a constant struggle to keep it together - you know the days when you feel fragile and just breathing is about all you can manage.  Transformation for me is … Continue reading Angel Card – Transformation

Angel Card – Flexibility

This week my Angel Card was flexibility.   If we are talking yoga, which I enjoy, I am not the most flexible in any class.   So I guess both physically and mentally flexibility is something I work at - stretching and challenging myself. I think if we don't stretch and push ourselves to explore … Continue reading Angel Card – Flexibility

You Can Always Start Now has taken a leap of faith

Since I write about exploring possibilities, being open to new ideas and trying new things I decided to try self-hosting.  So I am now over at You Can Always Start Now.  The new year started and I thought - what regrets do I not want to carry forward with me this year.  Trying self-hosting was one … Continue reading You Can Always Start Now has taken a leap of faith

Angel Cards – Willingness

This week I pulled out the Angel card willingness.   My first reaction when I read the word was willingness to help, then willingness to change, willingness to open up - wow I think I could go on and on.   I think I'll concentrate on willingness to change as that can lead to pretty well everything … Continue reading Angel Cards – Willingness