Stream of Consciousness Saturday – green

I find this month is flying by - half over and no idea where the first half went. It is that time of the week for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Head over to Linda G Hill for all the info and more writing prompts. This week the prompt is green. Just write, don't over think, just go for … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday – green

Feeding my soul – crafts

A while ago I had a moment when I realized I had to pull myself up. This journey I'm on has it ups and down (who's doesn't!).  But that day I was having a particularly spiralling down moment.  I recognised I needed more coping techniques to stop, breathe and carry on. When I was out … Continue reading Feeding my soul – crafts

Angel card – Grace

I am trying not to think, or I should say over think, my Angel Card when I pull it out.   This week it was the Angel Card Grace.  I had an immediate reaction to what the word meant to me.  After capturing my thought, I decided to do something different and checked out the … Continue reading Angel card – Grace