What caught my eye in the past month

I can't believe I'm posting what caught my eye and it is November.  I imagine this month and next holiday posts will be catching my eye and hopefully giving me ideas.  November for me is National Novel Writing Month.  It gives me focus and I feel a part of a writing community. It helps we have … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

Soul Sunday – I did it

I question everything. Do I have the money? The time? The energy? So when Natalie showed me Soul Sunday I surprised myself and wham signed up right there and then. That is big for me. We had a great day. I felt energized and it got me thinking. It started with yoga. Good stretch and … Continue reading Soul Sunday – I did it

Pushing boundaries and heading to PodCamp !

One thing about blogging where my tag line is exploring possibilities is, well, actually exploring possibilities.  Since starting to blog I see things in a slightly different light.  I question interactions, events, dreams and possibilities – could this be a blog post?  I have pushed myself to try new things and question my limiting beliefs.  … Continue reading Pushing boundaries and heading to PodCamp !

Angel Card – Strength

I started my weekly post on Angel Cards on February 10, 2016.  Some Angels Cards just seemed to type themselves and others were a bit of a struggle.  I tried, for the most part, to make the post – or my take on that word – positive.   Starting from the word freedom to delight to … Continue reading Angel Card – Strength

Angel Card – Adventure

This week I drew the Angel Card adventure out.   hmmm.......summer is wrapping up and I am hoping you have all had some adventures over the past few months.   Trying something new, going somewhere different, creating and exploring a difference medium.  To have an adventure doesn't mean you have to risk your life, but … Continue reading Angel Card – Adventure

Angel Card – Flexibility

This week my Angel Card was flexibility.   If we are talking yoga, which I enjoy, I am not the most flexible in any class.   So I guess both physically and mentally flexibility is something I work at - stretching and challenging myself. I think if we don't stretch and push ourselves to explore … Continue reading Angel Card – Flexibility

What I am learning as a blogger and more

I confess I am a self-help junkie.  I enjoy finding a book that will challenge me to think differently and/or push my boundaries.  Two books I have read and completed more than once are:  Cheryl Richardson Life Makeovers.  Broken down into 52 chapters on practical & inspiring ways to improve your life one week at a … Continue reading What I am learning as a blogger and more

Ideas for unblocking your creativity

Disclaimer: I am not an artist.  I am someone who likes to explore and work with my hands.  I enjoy doing crafts (I'm not great) and it has always been more about the journey than the destination/product.  There has always been something about the quiet and just working with my hands and creating that makes me … Continue reading Ideas for unblocking your creativity