Blog Battle – Stable

This is a continuation of a story I started a few months ago. I'm taking a page out of Fiction is Food and exploring the story through word prompts.  Head over to Blog Battle to get all the information and join in. This is prompt three for me or part three of the story. Part One … Continue reading Blog Battle – Stable

Blog Battle – Shift

I'm back at Blog Battle this month. Click over to get all the details and check out other writers doing great stuff.  I am taking a page out Gary's Fiction is Food and continuing my story from last month's battle. Here is last month's entry and the beginning of the story.  Blog Battle March. Alice knocked … Continue reading Blog Battle – Shift

Blog Battle – Flower

Check out Blog Battle for all the details and links to other great reads! Oh and you have time to enter also. It was the best spot in the house. The light was perfect for reading, needlework or just sitting. When I closed my eyes I could see a chair in the corner with a side … Continue reading Blog Battle – Flower

Blog Battle – Educate

I am coming under the wire for Blog Battle. Head over to get all the details and check out other battlers!! I'm doing NaNo this month which has been a bit time-consuming. So I decided to flush my character's thoughts over education for Blog Battle. The things you took for granted and never thought twice about. It was a … Continue reading Blog Battle – Educate

Blog Battle – Cave

This is the second time I have taken the challenge and done Blog Battle.  See below for the rules and the link to were the battle takes place! This was crazy. No beyond crazy. There was no way this part of the initiation had been approved by the council. It had to be Alan's way … Continue reading Blog Battle – Cave

#Blog Battle: Moon Brooch

I was over visiting a friend and fellow blogger Fiction is Food when I came across #Blog Battle. It looked interesting and since I am all about exploring I thought why not! If you want to enter you have until the end of the month. So check out the site. Here I go...... It was so small. Smaller than … Continue reading #Blog Battle: Moon Brooch