3 rules I try and live by

I put the word "try" in the title as realistically that is what I am doing. To say it is a done deal. Completed. Always. Well, if one of the rules I try and live by is being authentic than......try is in the title. I am the first to admit I have lots of fault … Continue reading 3 rules I try and live by

Knowing and working with your non-negotiables

I recently listened to a podcast by Jenny Carrington on what are your non-negotiables.  It struck me and made me question my non-negotiables.  What am I flexible on and what am I not willing to budge on. Will knowing my non-negotiables help me become a better blogger? Writer? Individual?  Will knowing my non-negotiables bring more clarity to … Continue reading Knowing and working with your non-negotiables

Currently reading – No More Regrets

I picked this book up at the library on the title alone.  Regrets are something I think the majority of us struggle with over a life time.  I know I do.  I'm sure we all have lists in our heads over what if, I should have or I shouldn't have. After reading the book I … Continue reading Currently reading – No More Regrets