5 Why Technique – decision making

I listened to a Podcast by Personality Hackers with Sir John Hargrave and he mentioned using the 5 whys technique to solve problems or make decisions. I investigated and thought this is worth sharing. By repeating the question why (5 times) after every previous answer you should get to the root cause/defect of the problem. It is … Continue reading 5 Why Technique – decision making

Expectations and Assumptions

I had a conversation with my sister recently over expectations. I was feeling disappointment and mad over what I give and what I receive over a recent situation.  Our conversation gave me perspective, suggestions and breathing space.  The background around this situation is when people need help I offer and give them clear expectations.  I ask when do … Continue reading Expectations and Assumptions

10 Life Lessons

I want to share some life lessons.  Some lessons I have a handle on and others I am still working on.  I have "learnt" them from a variety of sources. Here it goes: Don't make assumptions - we don't know what other people are dealing with.  All of us bring baggage to the table. Listen … Continue reading 10 Life Lessons

Step out of your comfort zone

It is dark and raining out.  I mind the dark short days at this time of year more than I mind the cold.  As long as I have blue sky, regardless of the temperature, I feel I can deal with a change of seasons. I am attending my first Snail Mail function at a coffee … Continue reading Step out of your comfort zone