Home Tour

Hello, I wanted to gain some experience and to get some feedback.  The experience is trying out my new camera and working with different exposures.  I thought why not take some pictures of my place and post for people to see my work in progress and hopefully give and get some ideas.

I live in a condo (apartment style).  You walk into a small entry way. The living room opens up directly from entry way. I face south-west so lots of natural sun light. One of the major reasons I bought the place!

living roomhalf wall

View from balcony door facing front door and kitchen.  Below I had to show you my mother’s (at least!!) 25 years old African violet.  I am working at keeping them alive.  I was in Arizona and fell in love with the desert so I had to have a little of it now at home!

african violet


The kitchen is just left to the entry way.  It was a galley kitchen but I took the end walls out to the dining room and 1/2 a wall facing the living room. I love white so easy choice to pick white cabinets.  Wish list is backsplash so ideas welcome.  Wanda at http://www.awandafulthing,com picked up my wall color (Romance).


Years ago I saw a headboard made from an old door.  My brother-in-law took five kitchen cabinet doors and made my headboard.


View from balcony.


I started decorating with white a few years ago so collecting a milk glass vases at goodwill was a no brainer.

milk glass

My place is a work in progress.  Need an entry way closet door, baseboards and thinking wallpaper in the dining room.  Along with continuing to play with the camera!   Ideas welcome!  Hope you enjoy your home as much as I do mine.



One thought on “Home Tour

  1. I love your place, it is very reflective of who you are and if a home can have a personality -yours is all throughout …which is s good thing 🙂 You are always such an inspiration.
    Great job on the pictures, thanks for sharing!!

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