Celebrating wins my new default

In December 2018 I did a brain dump of everything I wanted to accomplish in 2019.  I wanted to enter a new year and decade feeling strong.  That I had a handle on things moving forward and I had jettisoned everything that wasn't working for me.  That included dreams that were no longer servicing me.  … Continue reading Celebrating wins my new default

Life lessons – asking for what you need

This is a hard life lesson for me - I think this one stems back to childhood and just not feeling worthy enough.  You know, if I'm not worthy than who an I to ask for anything or receive it for that matter.  Watch your words adults! The thing with not asking for what we … Continue reading Life lessons – asking for what you need

Adjustment versus Compromise

Adjustment / Compromise.  Same thing? At the end of the day will I feel the same way if I "compromise" compared to if I "adjust"? Words are powerful. Compromises often imply we are losing something or settling. I have goals, ideas and dreams I want to pursue. Life happens and things change. I change. I … Continue reading Adjustment versus Compromise

Life Lesson – pick your battles

Have you ever had to take a deep breath and think "is this worth getting into?" If I give my opinion or take on the matter will it be received well or blown off? If blown off am I willing to deal with that and not get angry/frustrated? Legitimate questions. The past year has been … Continue reading Life Lesson – pick your battles

Life Lessons – baby steps

I had an idea for a few posts and realized I could categorize them into a series - hence Life Lessons was created.  Check out more life lessons on the menu. I'm often telling friends to break down projects into baby steps. One friend is too tired to do housework during the week and ends … Continue reading Life Lessons – baby steps

Life Lessons – memories/keepsakes

If you are just stopping by for the first time, life lessons is my take on well.....life lessons.  Some I have mastered, the majority are a work in progress. Life lesson of over keepsakes. For me this is a bit of a work in progress.  My mother passed away longer than I care to admit … Continue reading Life Lessons – memories/keepsakes

Life Lessons – personal space

I started blogging by accident, but now I can't imagine not blogging. Blogging has made me look at life a bit differently - could I blog about that? Is this book worth sharing? And of course I love the blogging community. I have finally found my tribe! Thank you. I have been mulling over an … Continue reading Life Lessons – personal space