Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS

It has been ages since I participated in stream of consciousness Saturday.  Where we are giving a prompt and just write.  For all the details head over to Linda G Hill.  This week's prompt is the word "shade." My first thought when I saw the word shade was something a co-worker and I just experienced.  You know … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS

Instagram Challenge – Inspire

I thought I'd take a page out of #collectivepodcast and do an Instagram Challenge.   They did one September 23 to October 2nd and had us take pictures of what we considered cozy, comfort, together and courage to name a few. I enjoyed it as it had me looking around every day to capture that word.  … Continue reading Instagram Challenge – Inspire

ABC Year follow-up

When a friend mentioned doing an ABC year in January I was in on the spot.  I love making lists, so yeah I'm in.  The "rules" are using the alphabet try, do, eat, explore, see, you get the idea, something that you have never experienced before. It has been a blast.  I'm more aware of … Continue reading ABC Year follow-up

Blog Battle – Stable

This is a continuation of a story I started a few months ago. I'm taking a page out of Fiction is Food and exploring the story through word prompts.  Head over to Blog Battle to get all the information and join in. This is prompt three for me or part three of the story. Part One … Continue reading Blog Battle – Stable

A year of challenges – gratitude

Last month I didn't do well on my newspaper challenge.  I have no excuse. I just didn't pull it together. I don't get the newspaper so it was going to involve going to the library. Which I do weekly anyways. I did put a call into a neighbour but she passes her paper on to … Continue reading A year of challenges – gratitude

Saturday at noon

  I'm looking at the calendar and well, I'm a bit in denial.  By the end of the week I will be flipping the calendar to a new month.  I have no idea where the first five months of the year went. Yeah, I know I did a few projects, read a few books and … Continue reading Saturday at noon

Blog Battle – Shift

I'm back at Blog Battle this month. Click over to get all the details and check out other writers doing great stuff.  I am taking a page out Gary's Fiction is Food and continuing my story from last month's battle. Here is last month's entry and the beginning of the story.  Blog Battle March. Alice knocked … Continue reading Blog Battle – Shift

Stream of Consciousness Saturday “lip”

It has been a while since I pulled myself together to participate in Stream of Consciousness Saturday. It is where Linda gives us a word and we just write. No over thinking. No making an outline. Just WRITE. Hence stream of consciousness!!  Head over to check out all the details and the other participants.  The prompt … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday “lip”

A year of challenges – detox

If you are just visiting for the first time here is a fast recap. I decided to challenge myself in 2019.  To shake things up a bit.  So each month I'm doing a different challenge (no spending and snail mail are two I have already completed). Last month it was snail mail. To mail a … Continue reading A year of challenges – detox

Blog Battle – Dusk

For some reason I am out of sync with my writing prompts (tired? winter? cold?) hmmm..... Regardless I'm back for Blog Battle. Check the site out for all the details and the other writers battling the word "dusk". She looked at the glass in front of her and closed her eyes. Was she ready for this?  … Continue reading Blog Battle – Dusk