Angel Card – Courage

If you are new to the blog for the past few months I have been writing weekly about Angel Cards.  I pull a card out once a week and put my thoughts down on what that word means to me.  This week the word was courage.   The picture says it all for me.  Diving … Continue reading Angel Card – Courage

Angel Card – Tenderness

And the Angel Card this week is.......tenderness.   My first thought when I read the card was gentle.  When we tell a little person to be gentle with a baby or pet we could so easily substitute show tenderness.  In this busy fast paced world do you think we have lost some of our tenderness … Continue reading Angel Card – Tenderness

Angel Card – Birth

This week I pulled out the Angel Card birth.  If we think of birth as the beginning of growth, what is it that we want to grow in to?  I want to be the best version of myself which entails constant growth and evaluation of where I am heading. Birth is often the start of … Continue reading Angel Card – Birth

Angel Card – Openness

Drum roll please....... Angel Card of the week is openness.   Okay, I want to start off with this is something I have struggled with my whole life.  My motto is often "on a need to know basis" and that goes for a lot of things! Even sharing I have a blog with family and … Continue reading Angel Card – Openness

Angel Card – Delight

Drum roll please……this week I pulled out the Angel Card Delight!  My first thought was of a toddler and playing peek-a-boo.  How they laugh and squeal everything time you “pop” open.   They never seem to get tired of it.  The delight children find in everything – finding a pretty rock, a branch and watching the … Continue reading Angel Card – Delight

Angel Cards – Balance

This week's Angel Card is balance.  The word balance has been tossed around a lot. There are articles out there explaining to us how to balance work, home, relationships, money and more.   How to squeeze it all in and what to let go of.  I don't think there is an easy answer and I … Continue reading Angel Cards – Balance

Angel Card – Understanding

The Angel Card of the week is understanding.  I think to truly understand we have to actively listen, put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and allow our boundaries to be pushed.  To actively listen we cannot be composing what we are going to say in response in our heads while the other individual is still … Continue reading Angel Card – Understanding

Angel Card – Clarity

This week's Angel Card was clarity.  You know when you get too wrapped up in your own world and everything is filtered through your lens?  Well, at that point, clarity could be a bit of an issue. We all bring our experiences, opinions and views of the world to the table.  It is what makes … Continue reading Angel Card – Clarity

Angel Card – Patience

The card of the week is patience.  We all have it and most of the time I imagine it is something we take for granted.  Some people seem to have an infinite amount of patience. They can wait in long line-ups, deal with difficult people, computer issues and pretty well anything else thrown at them. … Continue reading Angel Card – Patience

Angel Card – Flexibility

This week my Angel Card was flexibility.   If we are talking yoga, which I enjoy, I am not the most flexible in any class.   So I guess both physically and mentally flexibility is something I work at - stretching and challenging myself. I think if we don't stretch and push ourselves to explore … Continue reading Angel Card – Flexibility