When do I feel the most strong (physically, emotionally and spiritually)

This prompt comes from Estelle Thomson yoga and art.  I am currently doing Guide to a Magic Life with her. Check her out. Lots of interesting stuff and even retreats! This prompt was part of February Guide to a Magic Life.  The picture I took as I have a thing for trees. I used this picture for my oracle desk on trees for silence. Okay onto the prompt.

As soon as I read the prompt I had some answers for what and what not. Being around people, like at a party, does not make me feel strong. Enjoy yes, but as an introvert I feel my authentic self more alone or with one or two people. I’m happy to be an introvert as I think it is strong, in a way, to enjoy being alone. It has taken me some time to get to that stage.

Physically I feel the most strong when moving (big surprise). The above picture is when I feel most often at peace. Walking, trees and alone. I don’t want a conversation when I’m walking. I have my own pace and thoughts. I guess this is also when I feel the most spiritual. Alone in nature. Appreciating what is around me. What I have access to. How I am part of a larger picture. Trees particularly do that for me. There is something about them standing strong, giving us clean air, not asking for anything just to be left to do their job. 

A good yoga practice makes me feel strong physically. Moving my body in positions it often struggles with. Flexibility is not my strength. There is also something spirtual in a yoga practice. The flow and being present that is often spiritual. 

Emotionally is the one I struggled with the most. Physical and spiritual came more readily. As I was thinking and typing they were there. Walking, yoga, trees, and alone time all give me what I need. Emotionally yes those can fit in there also, but more on the cusp. Emotionally I feel the most strong when I’m creating. I don’t know if that makes sense so here goes. I feel more my authentic self when I’m doing this (journaling/blogging), painting and crafting. It makes me feel I’m where I’m suppose to be. Doing what I want to do. I feel emotionally stable. Grounded. I don’t have to try and meet expectations or needs. I’m sure that is something to do with being introverted. 

An example. I’ve been apartment sitting. All alone and loving it. No one to talk to. I have my laptop on the dining room table and a list of things I want to do. There are no expectations for me to be anywhere but here. To talk to anyone. I feel emotionally grounded as I type this. Looking around at a beautiful curated space. Glance at my list. Know I have a project on the coffee table to do later. At this moment in time I don’t think I could be more emotionally strong. Hope that makes sense.

Where and what makes you feel the most strong physically, emotionally and spirtually? I would love to know. Maybe I am missing something!! Oh I also feel strong (or good) when I’m curious about new things. Hmmm…what else is out there? I think it starts with knowing ourselves and our needs. What do you think?

You can always start now!


3 thoughts on “When do I feel the most strong (physically, emotionally and spiritually)

  1. Nancy Andres says:

    Amazing insights and good illustration about why journal writing is such a good self-care tool. Appreciate your wisdom.


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