A scavenger hunt

Happy Spring – or so the calendar says. I was apartment sitting when I drafted this post. Light shining in the balcony door. Beautiful art on the wall. An artist and a collector of interesting items live here. So always eye candy to look at and be inspired by. While sitting at the dining room table, looking into the living room I came up with the following idea. A Spring scavenger hunt!

With the weather warming up and longer days I thought maybe we could head out on a scavenger hunt. Something fun and not serious. Snap pictures and post on Instagram (or not) or even Twitter. What about using #springscavengerhunt2023. Here are a few items I thought of:

  • something red
  • something yellow
  • book
  • an item that starts with “P”
  • Logo or sign
  • Big tree
  • the inside of something
  • a flower
  • blossom
  • blue sky
  • park bench
  • pets outside
  • sheep (real or fictional)

Please add to the list in the comments.  I’ll post on Instagram the whole list after I see if more items added by the end of the week.  

You can always start now!

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