Recharging our tank

I thought this was a good post to tackle as I “apartment sit” and recharge my tank. I am more productive when not at home. Where of course there are more distractions. I’m here to work and only work. Well, also get a coffee and treat or two.

We all need to recharge our tanks. We often run low on sleep, nutrition, water, and add to the list. We’ll recharge when we have time we promise. This weekend. Vacation. Well, the weekend comes and I have stuff to do that I didn’t get done during the week. Vacation – I often want to squeeze in as much as possible so…… maybe I’m recharging my creative tank but often not my body tank.

A few things I do to recharge my tank are yoga and meditation. I’m not talking hours or even an hour here. Ten minutes of meditation. Thirty minutes of yoga. That is often enough to recharge. Also, curling up with a book or painting recharges my tank. It is time for me with no outside expectations. Walking big time. I’m lucky enough, when the weather is good, to be able to walk to work (or home). It is almost 5 K so a good walk and it so recharges me. Oh, positive converations where we are discussing ideas and possibilities. What can we do? What do we want to do? Always gives me energy.

I guess what I want for us is to take the time to full our tanks. Know what we need to do to relax. To stop and put ourselves first. We are running on empty and it is going to catch up with us. Starting I imagine with our health. Stop. Grab a tea/coffee/lemonade etc. and sit. Get a pen/paper or phone and start jotting down things that will full your tank. Have a list. Have an accountability partner. I’m sure there are people around us also running with a low tank. Remember no discussing how bad life is – this is to refull the tank not drain it more.

Start thinking of this as not just for us but for everyone around us. When we are rested and feel our best we are better equipped to help others. Have a list of things that bring you joy – that recharge your tank. Maybe it is a book of poetry by the bedside. Make sure easily accessible if you can. Realize we can’t continue to run on empty. Stop and recharge.

You can always start now!

5 thoughts on “Recharging our tank

  1. lindahobden says:

    Curling up with a book, mug of tea, some yoga or pilates time and meditation works for me …. and also some time surfing the holiday websites in search of a holiday that I would like to go on and adding them to my wishlist ! 😊


  2. Stephanie Grillo says:

    Recharging myself is certainly something I neglect. I think a little meditation and stretching or yoga would help me – I just need to push aside my thoughts of daily tasks when I do this! Thank you for sharing.


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