I’m doing nothing. Yep, I’m busy.

I read Big Dreams Daily Joys by Elise Blaha Cripe and had to share something she wrote about.  Before I was even half way through the book I was nodding.

“Remember that nothing is still a thing.”  She writes that people interpret doing nothing as you are free to do something.   Her example is when you say you are doing “nothing” on the weekend or an evening that people interpret that as you are free for them to fill that time up.  When really doing nothing is still a thing.

I so get this as I’m an introvert.  So I need my time alone. I might being doing nothing on Sunday as far as people are concerned, but I am actually filling my tank for the week. Plus I’m doing housework, writing, blogging, reading, exercise and more. I think we need to do “nothing” more often. We also have to educate ourselves and others that doing nothing is a thing and not time you necessarily want to fill. In other words it doesn’t mean “free”.

My take doing “nothing” is “it’s my time not other peoples to fill”.  If I am free I’ll let you know.  I’ll use words like  “Oh, that sounds good tell me more.” “I’d like to do that.”  “Let’s book that.”  Don’t assume when I say I’m doing nothing I automatically want that time slot filled.

Oh if in doubt ask!!

You can always start now!

26 thoughts on “I’m doing nothing. Yep, I’m busy.

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    Extroverts just don’t get it. For them, having every slot filled on the calendar is a joy. I understand that–that’s not me, but I get it. Maybe we need to stop calling it “nothing,” but call it what it is. Like, Tuesday afternoon I have an appointment. When asked, “an appointment with myself.”


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      That is a great idea. Read once that “no” is a complete answer. I’m not free. Period. We really shouldn’t have to explain why not. People will definitely be getting the “nothing” now that the world is shutdown. We declared State of Emergency on Sunday and we’re last province I think to do it. Take care.

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  2. terrigardner1 says:

    I think creative people have to “do nothing ” to get anything accomplished. It’s just the way some of us operate. I never really thought about it to much until I read this.


  3. gemmaorton says:

    I too am an introvert, I can’t be constantly booked up with seeing different people and going places. I like the idea of making a time to do nothing. Although recent times have allowed me this much more, excuses not even needed.


  4. The Tea Chest Blog says:

    I love this! I’m what as known as an active relaxer, so my nothing could be gardening, walking, reading, baking, blogging etc I need time on my own and actually get quite resentful if I can’t get it. Great post.


  5. Shannon Leader says:

    Such a good reminder! I read something the other day about how we have grown accustomed to “grind” culture, the idea that if you are not working hard and always looking for more work to do, you are not enough or not as good. I think we could all use with more “nothing” time, too! It is okay to not always have every moment scheduled or have results to show for our time.


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      I agree. It is pretty bad when we think we have to “schedule” time in to relax. Not sure where balance has gone but definitely something to work on. Have always felt it was wrong to associate self-worth with job title or work. For me your actions speak louder as to the type of person you are i.e. kind, emphatic nothing to do with work. Always enjoy your visits!

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