What does abundance mean to me

Google says: abundance a very large quantity of something. I guess we decide the something. I’m good with that.

I’m sitting at the coffee shop and thinking, yes this is what abundance means to me or part of it. To have the freedom and means to go to a coffee shop and have a treat. That my life is abundant enough to have this experience.

We are selling ourselves short if abundance is needing X amount of money, a fancy home, car, great job, travel – fill in the blanks. If I wait for those things I might never feel abundance or I will always be chasing it. This isn’t quite enough. Just a little bit more. When I have this.

What if abundance is sitting in a coffee shop with coffee, juicy pastry, and a journal. I have enough time, money and energy for this. Abundance. Maybe I have to lower my “very large quantity of something” and realize abundance or enough can be what I deide. What is enough? I don’t want to be chasing a defintion of large quantity or enough.

I want to feel abundance sitting at the coffee shop, reading at home. To feel I have enough right here and now. Not waste energy and time chasing or thinking I don’t have it now. Will I ever have that ideal of what is enough or will it always be out of reach?

Stop, sit and feel abundance now. Sipping coffee, walking, reading, writing and/or painting. I have enough abundance right now.

You can always start now!

4 thoughts on “What does abundance mean to me

  1. EsmeSalon says:

    Abundance is what you decide it to be. As you state, sitting in a coffee shop, having time to do that, and enjoying a coffee and treat. To me, that’s awesome, as so many other people in this world, this is what they may long for, so that’s abundance. At this very moment, abundance for me = getting up in the morning and being able to walk without a walker or cane and being mobile after my knee replacement surgery less than 3 weeks ago.


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