Half way through my Top Five

Check out my top five post for more information. Summary concentrate on five items nothing else. Don’t dilute your projects by spreading yourself thin. I started my top five in January. I decided on a three month time frame. Enough time to get stuff done, started and see where I was headed. Plus three months isn’t that long to put other projects aside I enjoy doing. Not long enough to feel I was missing anything.

My three month time frame of my top five is now half over. I thought I’d give an update on what is happening. I started January strong, as I was lucky enough to have access to a friend’s apartment who is away. It is such a creative space as one is an artist and the other a collector. I packed a bag for a weekend and worked. Coffee on and food in fridge. No other distractions but what I was there for. I made a dent in my editing and left feeling pumped.

I finished that project the first week of February. I also wrote some blog posts (one my top five) and continued to read and exercise. The weather cooperated in January (Canada here) so I could walk to work which I love. Yes in cold weather. Dress for it.

February hasn’t been as productive. I don’t feel as pumped. I have things to do for my top five but having a harder time sitting down and concentrating. I’m on a vacation day today trying to check some boxes. This post in one. The big thing for me is not spiralling down into I’m lazy, not motivated, things are not coming together. To work at being more gentle with myself. To acknowledge I have gotten things done on my top five this quarter. I am working on my top five this quarter. I am moving forward. Yes spiral a bit but catch myself sooner. Breathe.

The update is I completed a major item on my top five! Done. I’m working on the rest. Maybe not as focused or as fast but I am working. I’ve packed other projects away so not to distract from top five. I am half way through my self imposed time frame. I still have lots of time if I concentrate on what I want to start/finish before the end of March. It is all good.

Giving this update makes me feel positive. I have over a month left to complete a few more items. That is doable. It is okay if I had a slump after completing a major project. I am back on track – as I type this post. Review my list. Break some items down into smaller managable steps. Carry on.

If you are having a slump, take a breath. Be gentle with yourself. Look at what you have gotten done. Break items into smaller pieces and concentrate on them. Not the end result.  Celebrate what we have done and are currently doing.

You can always start now!

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