The 100 Day Project

I have done the 100 day project over the years.  Some years better at completing than others. That is okay, remember we are being gentle with ourselves. Since I have my top five for the next three month I debated doing the 100 day project. Mulling it over, I realize I can incorporate it into my top five.  Already doing it as a blog post (one of my top five was blogging).

Since writing/editing/blogging are in my top five, my 100 day project can be part of that. It will give me the extra boost and carry me into the next quarter. Check the site out for all the details. Fast summary: your 100 day project can be ANYTHING. A picture a day. A walk a day. Anything. Eat an apple a day.

I did Beth Kempton free writing course after the holidays. She started each day with poetry. It was lovely. Poetry isn’t something I have every been into. Now I realize it was because I wasn’t hearing poetry that resonated with me. So I thought for my 100 day project I would capture scenery, a thought or feeling. Just jot it down. Not think about writing anything with it. Capture it and maybe see what happens later. You could also call it a journal entry. I’d have 100 days of entries and who knows what I could do with them.

So check out the site. You don’t have to do anything time consuming. Or you can. Is there a project or idea you want to start exploring? Maybe this could give you the push. February 22nd, 2023 is the start day.

You can always start now!

6 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project

  1. EsmeSalon says:

    I am going to try and participate and will share on Twitter and am thinking of doing pictures taken by myself, most probably not on that specific day, but nonetheless taken by myself.


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