Unexpected blessings last year

This journal prompt sat on a piece of paper over the holidays and into the new year. I never thought about it until recently. When I did it was yes I have something to say about that!  I’ll start my unexpected blessing with Simple and Season and Frank and Feel which led me to pivot my blog to more journaling. Listening to them pivot and talk about life lead me to my rabbit hole of pivoting and I am so happy I did. Big blessing / win this year for me.

Rented another cottage in an area of the province I had never been to before. Again on the water or view of the water. The cottage sat on the top of a hill. So beautiful ocean and beach views. Read and read and did some blogging. 

I did National Novel Writing Month in November. I have a hard time asking for anything but I did that month. Friends were going away for the weekend and I asked if I could have their apartment for the weekend. It is beautiful. He is an artist. So I had the whole place to myself. By myself. No distraction. No people. Change of scenery. Just me at the dining room table writing. 

Late November I came across Beth Kempton Calm Christmas podcast.  It was what I needed to roll me into the holiday season. While listening to her Calm Christmas I checked her out. I found another podcast The Way of the Fearless Writer (also a book). Oh so is Calm Christmas. She was offering a free writing santuary December 28 to January 6th. So I signed up for that. She read poetry and had a video each day with writing prompts. Well done and I enjoyed it. Another blessing was being exposed to poetry. Each day she read two-three poems. I have to hear poetry or read it out loud to appreciate it. This was incredible exposure to poetry.

I so needed to look at my blessings last year. It was an unsettled year for me. So this journal prompt was what I needed. To step back and look at the bigger picture. What did I experience last year that was a blessing? Notice it. Be grateful for it. 


You can always now!


4 thoughts on “Unexpected blessings last year

  1. Wanda Mulley says:

    Unexpected blessings, I think we all experience them but don’t realize, at the time, what they are. Great reflection on your part – thanks for sharing and reminding me to keep my mind open for my unexpected blessings.


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