Stream of Consciousness Saturday

You can find journal prompts pretty well everywhere.  Here is one from  Linda G Hill stream of consciousness Saturday.  She has other prompts so pop over for a visit. Summary: given a word and write. Don’t overthink it. Just write – stream of consciousness. Prompt this week: perfection.

First time I read that perfection(ism) is a form of procrastination was in Big Magic. Elizabeth Gilbert explained it in a way that made total sense (to me). That waiting for something to be perfect was likely never going to happen. Creating something exciting, worthy and ready to share? Yep. Doable. Is it good enough? Yes. Perfect? Likely not and maybe never. 

Enjoy the journey we are on. Get messy. Rip it up. Start over. Whatever. Just enjoy the journey and process. Don’t look for perfection just joy.


You can always start now!


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